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Frequently Asked Questions

At Obentec we welcome your questions and feedback on our products. Before submitting a question, however, we ask that you take a minute to look at our frequently asked questions below. If you don't find the answers to your questions here, please feel free to email us!

1. What is the difference between the original bento set and Bento Set 2.0?

    Please click HERE for a detailed list of product features. In brief:

    • The orginal Bento Set has two lidded containers inside the outer container, and Bento Set 2.0 has three.

    • The original Bento Set comes with stainless utensils with plastic handles. The Bento Set 2.0 comes with all-stainless utensils.

    • The Bento Set 2.0 is about 1/4-inch deeper than the original Bento Set.

    • Our Bento Buddies can be used inside the Bento Set 2.0. The Bento Buddies DO NOT fit inside the original bento set.

    • Both the original Bento Set and the Bento Set 2.0 fit in the original carrying cases and in the new Bento 2.0 carrying cases. However, the Bento Set 2.0 does not fit in the orginal Bento Sleeve.

2. What is the difference between the Bento System and the Bento Kit?

  • The Bento System is slightly larger than the Bento Kit.
  • The Bento System comes with a plastic water bottle inside, and the Bento Kit does not. The Bento Kit has a collapsible side pouch on the outside of the tote for a water bottle.
  • The Bento System has a shoulder strap and a name tag, but the Bento Kit does not.
  • The Bento System is slightly more expensive than the Bento Kit.
  • The Bento System comes in the following styles: Berry Blue, Purple Party, Alien, Flower, and Pink Passion. The Bento Kit comes in Daisy, Stripe, Tire Tread Plaid, Primary, and Confetti.
  • Both products feature a mesh pocket on the inside for an ice pack (not included).
  • Both the carrier and the tote are made with 100% post-consumer recycled fabric.
  • All of our bento sets contain 10% recycled content.
  • All of our bento sets are free of lead, phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), and PVC.

3. Why does the original Laptop Lunch bento set come with only two inner lids, (one food container lid and one dip container lid)?

  • In a national survey we conducted, we found that the number one frustration experienced by parents who pack lunches in reusable containers is the search for lids and containers that match. Our unique Laptop Lunch design eliminates the bother of mis-matched lids.

  • Kids (and adults) enjoy opening their lunch container and seeing what their food options are. We like to eat food that is nicely presented. If all the containers were lidded, you would open the outer container and see...well...lids!

  • Our survey revealed that most families pack one wet food per meal. We wanted to provide a water-tight container to accommodate those wet foods. By including both lidded and unlidded containers, we provide both convenience and versatility.

4. Why does the Bento Set 2.0 come with three inner lids, (two food container lid and one dip container lid)?

    We have received such a large number of requests for an additional lid that we decided to launch the next generation of Laptop Lunches with this new feature. We hope you like it too!

5. I'm having a hard time deciding which items to order. Do you have a pdf that lists all of your 2.0 products?
    Yes. You can view a PDF HERE. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

6. I love the new Bento 2.0 System, but the designs are for kids. Are you planning to sell an adult-friendly design in the future?

    Yes. Look for solid carrying case designs in mid-August 2009. An announcement will appear in the August issue of our newsletter. Please feel free to sign up for our newsletter or check back with us around August 1st.

7. How can I pack a drink?

    The Laptop Lunch container is designed to fit inside a lunchbox with a drink and an ice pack. It fits inside most soft-style lunchboxes and insulated lunch bags. Our aim is to provide a convenient way for families rely less heavily on disposable packaging and prepackaged foods. Consider purchasing an Obentec carrying case, which comes with a water bottle and a mesh pocket for an ice pack.

8. How can I keep my food cold?

    We sell non-toxic ice packs for $1.99. They stay frozen for a long time and fit perfectly in the mesh pocket of our carrying case.

9. Does the outer container leak?

    The outer container will not leak if you pack your wet foods in the lidded containers. The unlidded containers are designed to accommodate dry foods such as sliced apple, cucumber, carrot and celery sticks, crackers, and pretzels.

10. Where can I buy Laptop Lunch products?
  • Laptop Lunch products can be purchased online by clicking here.

  • They are also available through select retailers. For a list of current retailers, visit our retail page at

11. I'd like to carry Laptop Lunch products at my store. How can I arrange to do that?

12. Is the Laptop Lunch container made of recyclable plastic?
  • Yes. The outer container and inner containers are made of polypropylene and the lids are made of polyethylene. Both are recyclable but may not be collected at the curb in your area. Check with your recycling center or waste hauler to find out how you can recycle these materials in your area.

  • Keep in mind that these containers are built to last a long time, so it is unlikely that they will need to be recycled anytime soon!

13. Do kids really keep track of all those pieces? I've tried sending Tupperware containers to school, but they never come home!
  • Children don't treat their Laptop Lunches the same way they treat mom's food storage containers. They hang on to them because they take pride in ownership. The Laptop Lunch container belongs to them!

  • The pieces fit together like a puzzle, so it's easy to see when something's missing from the set.

  • All of our products can be labeled with a child's name. If a piece is left at school, the adult who finds it will know who it belongs to, and will likely make sure that it's returned.

For information on how to obtain replacement parts not found in our shopping cart, click here.

14. Do you ship to Canada (to the UK, to Australia, to Norway, to Sweden, to Denmark, to...) ?

    Yes. We started shipping to Canada in April 2003. Please be advised, however, that our international customers are responsible for all customs fees and import taxes imposed by their country's government. If you'd like to order directly from the UK, Australia, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, or Sweden, click on the appropriate flag at For all other countries, please contact us directly at info (at) obentec (dot) com, and we'll send you a shipping quote.

15. I'm serving overseas. Will you ship to an APO address?

    Yes. We'll ship your order via the US Postal Service at no extra charge to you. If you experience problems ordering online, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]. To order by phone, call us at 831-457-0301 or fax your order to 831-430-0302. Click here for an order form.

16. I have heard that some plastics can cause health problems. Should I be concerned about that?

  • At Obentec, Inc. we are extremely concerned about toxins in our food and in the environment. Thus we take great care to ensure that we use the safest materials available. For this reason we manufacture our lunch containers here in California using plastics (polypropylene and polyethylene) that are FDA-approved for food use. None of our products contain phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), or lead.

  • Most parents currently pack lunches in plastic wrap, plastic bags, and single-serve plastic packages, including PET water bottles, which are considered far less stable than their reusable counterparts. Plastic may not be the perfect solution, but it does offer a stylish, affordable, non-breakable alternative for families wishing to move from a disposable to a reusable system.

  • For more information on plastics, click here.

17. Your bento sets seem kind of expensive compared to other lunchboxes. Why is that?

  • Our unique bento sets are made of high-quality materials, and they are built to last well beyond one school year.

  • Laptop Lunch bento sets are manufactured in California, where labor costs are comparatively high.

18. What are the dimensions of your containers?
  • CARRYING CASE: The carrying case is approximately 12 x 8 x 2.75, and comes with a 2 x 2 x 7 inch water bottle. The inner containers are approximately 4.5 x 3 x 1.75 and 4.75 x 3 x 1.75 and 2 x 3 x 1.75, and 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.75 inches. This is a modular system so you can include or omit the containers as needed. The two larger containers hold 1 cup each. The two smaller containers hold 1/2 cup each.

  • ORIGINAL BENTO SET: The outer container is approximately 9 x 7 x 2 inches.

  • BENTO SET 2.0: The outer container is approximately 9 x 7 x 2 1/4 inches.The inner containers are approximately 4 3/4 x 3 1/8 x 2 and 3 1/8 x 2 1/2 x 2 and 2 x 1 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches. This is a modular system so you can include or omit the containers as needed. The two larger containers hold 1 1/4 cup and 1 2/3 cup each. The two medium containers hold 3/4 and 2/3 each, and the dip container holds 1/8 cup.

19. Are the containers dishwasher safe?

    Yes, the bento box outer container and inner containers are dishwasher safe (top rack only, away from the heating element). Our stainless steel bottles, lunch jars, and travel flasks are not dishwasher safe. (CAUTION: Laptop Lunch containers may warp if exposed to very hot temperatures. DO NOT use heat boosters. DO NOT wash in the dishwasher on high heat.)

20. Are the inner containers microwave safe?
    Our plastic containers are all FDA-approved for microwave use. However, some experts believe that microwaving in plastics of any kind may be hazardous. If you microwave in plastics, our containers are fine. Please note that the lids are not microwave safe.

21. How can I fit a sandwich in the original bento set?

    A sandwich can fit in the original bento set in several ways:
  • A thin sandwich can be cut in half and stacked in the largest container.
  • A thick sandwich can be cut in half with each half placed in each of the larger containers.
  • You can remove the larger containers and place a whole or cut sandwich directly inside the outer box.

22. Thanks for all the valuable information on your site! Is there an easy way for me to pass these ideas on to families and staff at our school?

23. Does the water bottle fit inside the carrying case with the Laptop Lunch container?

    Yes, the water bottle sits along one edge of the carrying case and the Laptop Lunch container sits next to it. An ice pack in the mesh pouch will press against the food containers, keeping the food nice and cold.
lead-free lunch kits

24. I recently read a press release about children's lunchboxes containing lead! Is this for real? What about Laptop Lunches? Have they been tested?
    I assume that you're referring to the Center for Environmental Health's press release entitled "A Back to School Warning: Children’s Vinyl Lunch Boxes Can Contain Dangerous Levels of Lead," posted at As crazy as this claim sounds, it is--unfortunately--not a hoax.

    The good news is that Laptop Lunches have been thoroughly tested and are completely lead-free. Read more here. CPSIA certificates can be found here.

25. Can I fit the Laptop Lunch Bento Box, the small lunch jar, and a water bottle in the carrying case?

    No, the carrying case was designed to hold the Laptop Lunch Bento Box and our plastic water bottle. The Bento Bag fits a Laptop Lunch Bento Box, a drink bottle, and the small lunch jar. We also recommend using the Bento Sleeve with an ice pack to keep cold foods fresh.

26. Where are your products made?

    Our Laptop Lunch bento sets, bento bags, and ice packs are made in Northern California. Our carrying cases, bento sleeves, water bottles, lunch jars, and travel flasks are made in China. The How to Make a Healthy Lunch DVD and the Laptop Lunch User's Guide come from Southern California.

27. I'd like to tell my friends and co-workers about Laptop Lunches. Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes, we do. You can find information about this great program designed to help you to spread the word AND earn cash for your school, business, or organization. Click HERE for more information.

28. What if I don't like my Laptop Lunch? Can I return it?
    Yes. For more information on our company policies, click here.

© Copyright 2002 - 2010 Obentec, Inc.