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  • Safe! NO lead, BPA, phthalates or PVC
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  • Reusable - lasts for years
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  • Waste-free
  • Food containers made in the USA Made in the USA
Bento Lunch Boxes
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Take Out Bento


You care enough about the earth to carry a refillable water bottle and you tote your reusable grocery bags to the market. Why not take the next step? Use bento lunch boxes, a take out food container solution, in place of disposable Styrofoam containers for take out meals.

Order your favorite take out food, hand over your empty bento box, and take home a delicious meal. Or if you decide to dine in, fill the take out lunch box with your restaurant leftovers, and you've got lunch for the following day.

It's that simple.

Good. Simple. Fun.

  • Bento Lunch Box
    Say good-bye to flimsy Styrofoam containers!
    Bento Lunch Box
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  • Bento Buddies Set
    Take it to go in these cute and colorful containers.
    Bento Buddies Set
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  • Dual-compartment Kit
    Pack it up. Keep it fresh. Take it to go!
    Dual-compartment Kit
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  • Bento Lunch Box
    Take home in your bento whatís left on your plate.
    Bento Lunch Box
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  • Bento Pack
    Ditch the doggie bag. Pack leftovers in here instead.
    Bento Pack
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