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A Bento Fit for your Favorite TikeA Bento Fit for your Favorite Tike
Bento lunches aren't just for big kids, so this week we decided on a lunch menu for our younger users. We combined bright fruits and veggies in fun shapes with yummy extras to get even those picky eaters out there chowing down.
A Rainbow of Good NutritionA Rainbow of Good Nutrition
This week we've packed a rainbow in our bento! Eating a variety of different colored veggies is super nutritious and makes for a beautiful meal presentation. Happy chomping!
An Apple A DayAn Apple A Day
Crisp, tart apples abound this time of year and can be prepared in a variety of ways. For many lunchpackers, fresh apples are a weekly lunch staple but, as the days cool, consider steaming your apples and seasoning with cinnamon. Add a side salad of arugula with Italian dressing, cherry tomatos, spanakopita, and cheddar soy crisps and you've got lunch!
Any Weather SoupAny Weather Soup
Great warm or cold, cucumber soup is perfect for the unpredictable fall weather, especially here in Santa Cruz. Leaving the house, we thought we'd be warming our soup up today, but by lunch time we were quite happy to have a cool, refreshing mid-day meal.
Arugula SaladArugula Salad
The end of the tomato season is always a bit hard to stomach, but it does mean that apples are ready for picking, providing a good excuse to pack apples and apple treats--like apple strudel. For a less caloric strudel, add extra apples and reduce the amount of fillo dough and butter. And be sure to pack a healthy portion of greens for your main course.
Asian CombinationAsian Combination
Sweet, crisp Asian pears were the starting point for this week's lunch menu. The combination of flavors and textures we put together were so dynamic that even our pickiest eaters finished everything... including their spinach!

Autumn Picnic Autumn Picnic
The leaves are beginning to turn and the weather is just perfect for spending a day out of doors! Take the afternoon to read in the park or go on a light hike in the woods and don't forget to pack your picnic bento!
Breakfast on the RunBreakfast on the Run
For those busy mornings when you don't have time to sit down for breakfast, take it to go! We prepared our breakfast bento the night before so that we could get out the door bright and early without missing out on the most important meal of the day.
Bringing on the BalanceBringing on the Balance
Now that the cold and flu season seems to be knocking at our door and the holidays are right around the corner, we decided to make balance and nutrition king in this week's bento lunch. Here's to eating well and feeling great!
Butternut Squash and PastaButternut Squash and Pasta
While butternut squash is available from August through March, October is its peak month and is therefore an ideal time to enjoy both its sweet taste and health benefits. Butternut squash can be enjoyed baked, steamed, pureed, or grilled. We decided to cube and steam our squash which we enjoyed as a side dish along with pasta, Italian bread and sweet green grapes.
Coconut Rice & KiwiCoconut Rice & Kiwi
Prepare basmati rice. In a fry pan, saute in a small amount of olive oil until tender: julienned red bell pepper, chopped onions, chopped cabbage, green beans, and garlic. Add one can of coconut milk, a handful of fresh basil leaves, and some Thai green curry paste. Add fish sauce or soy sauce to taste. Mix the coconut sauce with the rice or serve separately.
Cool Kids Quesadilla Bento Cool Kids Quesadilla Bento
Have a teen in the house who is just too cool for mom's cute lunches? Pack them a delicious quesadilla with their favorite sides, and you will have one happy kid! They may be too cool for cute, but they will still feel the love.
Creative Fall FixesCreative Fall Fixes
Think fresh, beautiful salads are a distant memory now that we're in the middle of fall? Think again! We put together the perfect fall salad using only fresh ingredients from the Farmer's Market and it tastes even better than it looks. Enjoy!
Curry Cauliflower Patties Curry Cauliflower Patties
Make your lunch something to look forward to! These curry cauliflower patties are a fun and delicious addition to your lunch hour. Served along side green beans, cherry tomatoes and creamy ranch you can enjoy your meal as finger food or as a veggie salad! Add in some garlic toast and sweet dried fruits and you have an exciting mid-day meal!
Curry in a HurryCurry in a Hurry
Calling all curry lovers! This week we're sharing the quickest, easiest curry recipe around so that you can enjoy one of your favorite dishes any time - even lunch time.
Curry Pasta & SoupCurry Pasta & Soup
We love the the sweet, tangy, spicy contrast between the curry and the tomato soup. For variety, dip your bell peppers in the papaya poppy seed dressing. Be sure to select pears that are firm yet ripe--for a crunchy, crisp finish.
Exploring the Season's BestExploring the Season's Best
One of our favorite things about the beginning of a new season is always the fresh new flavors available, so we were delightfully surprised to open our lunch boxes today! We had both mahi mahi which is plentiful in the Pacific this time of year as well as blackberries that have just hit their perfect ripeness here in California. They may not be the typical flavors associated with fall but they made for one spectacular fall lunch!
Fall FavoritesFall Favorites
The range of textures and flavors of this meal reflect the many faces of fall. The combination of the sweet yet savory yam pancakes and tangy salsa is a perfect match for any mid-day meal. Put that together with a crunchy, tart apple, and it's hard to beat!
Fill You Up LunchFill You Up Lunch
When the chilly days of fall leave you craving comfort food, this lunch is the way to go. The protein provided in the tofu along with the nutrient dense baked potato and butternut squash will leave you feeling satisfied without weighing you down. A sliced kiwi brings a sweet end to this meal while offering a healthy dosage of vitamin C.
Finger-food LunchFinger-food Lunch
If you're on the lookout for a quick and delicious lunch for your toddlers, give this one a try. They'll love the colors, textures, and flavors, and it's nutritious too! In addition to the ingredients, you'll need just a peeler, a vegetable steamer and a knife.
Flavorful BentoFlavorful Bento
Mark the transition from winter into spring with this lunch of many textures, flavors, and colors. Be sure to experiment with different varieties of almond butter: raw, dry-roasted, creamy, and crunchy.
Flavors of FallFlavors of Fall
The sweet, nutty flavor of butternut squash makes it an ideal vegetable for soups that can be enjoyed either warm or cold. Coconut brown rice, almonds, and crackers round out this lunch making it the perfect accompaniment to a beautiful fall day.
Food Day Celebration LunchFood Day Celebration Lunch
Monday's Food Day was on our minds when we put together this week's bento lunch. We're looking forward to celebrating real food and supporting this important movement with local, healthy and delicious lunches such as this!
Fresh and Crisp Fall SaladFresh and Crisp Fall Salad
A great compliment to a crisp fall day is a nice, fresh salad. Packed with protein and fiber, the grilled chicken salad in this week's bento box is one of our favorites - It's delicious, satisfying, and gives us the energy we need to get the most out of our day.
Fresh and CrunchyFresh and Crunchy
A fresh, crunchy mid-day lunch is the perfect antidote to an over-indulgent holiday season. Whether it's before, after, or in between big celebrations, this green salad is loaded with veggies and protein which makes it an excellent way to get right back on track.
Fresh and FitFresh and Fit
Like to nibble? This could be just the lunch for you. It represents the many colors of the rainbow and incorporates a wide variety of flavors, textures, and shapes. Plus, it's packed with nutrition and very easy to make!
Fresh Fall FavoritesFresh Fall Favorites
As we welcome the fall, we're starting to notice a change in the produce available at our local farmers market. These new produce options open up a whole new season of meals to start enjoying. Our current favorite is couscous pizza, so we were quite pleased to have some leftovers available for lunch!
Fueling Up and Feeling GoodFueling Up and Feeling Good
Is your body craving comfort food and warmth to combat the chill in the air? If so, you'll love the veggie loaf in this week's bento lunch! Itís filling and loaded with the veggies your body needs. The juicy orange and blueberry-coated pretzels provide a tangy-sweet finish to this delicious bento meal, and the rainbow colors canít be beat!
Gluten-Free BentoGluten-Free Bento
Looking for gluten-free lunch ideas? If so, here's one delicious lunch that's very easy to throw together from leftovers.
Going NuttyGoing Nutty
With the holidays right around the corner it's hard not to feel a little nuts, so we've decided to honor our nuttiness in this week's bento lunch. Seeds and nuts are filled with protein, antioxidants, fiber, and omega-3's, so they're actually a great way to keep your body going throughout the holiday season.
Grab and Go to Pre-schoolGrab and Go to Pre-school
A lot goes into packing a preschooler's lunch, so this week we've put together a grab 'n go bento sure to be a hit at the preschool lunch table. This grab 'n go includes a great variety of foods that can quickly be packed by mom and easily picked up by little fingers.
Greek TreatGreek Treat
If you're looking to pack something more exciting than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, consider giving this lunch a try. It may seem a bit exotic, but it's really, really good!
Grilled Cheese LunchGrilled Cheese Lunch
Although the basic grilled cheese sandwich is often overlooked for more complex versions, there is something very comforting about it in its original form. We were pleasantly surprised when we found a grilled cheese, coleslaw and root vegetable chips in our lunchbox today.
Halloween BalanceHalloween Balance
Halloween treats don't always have to be filled with sugar but, of course, we all need to splurge every once in a while, right? To help maintain some balance and keep the sugar highs from spiking through the roof, we were sure to include plenty fun veggies and proteins to go with this week's special Halloween lunch.
Halloween DetoxHalloween Detox
After satisfying our sweet tooth with Halloween goodies, we decided to make fruits and veggies the stars of this afternoon's meal. To keep this nutritious meal fun and satisfying, we put together small portions of a variety of good for us foods and included a little ranch for some dipping goodness.
Healthy in a HurryHealthy in a Hurry
When super busy weeks call for quick and easy lunches, head for the finger foods! Protein packed and full of fruits and veggies, this lunch proves that quick and easy can be done without relying on the prepackaged, highly preserved options out there.

Hectic Holiday HelperHectic Holiday Helper
We've been super busy keeping up with the holiday hustle bustle, so we're taking shortcuts where we can. Case in point - this week's lunch which took less than a couple minutes to put together. We had leftover pizza but party and dinner leftovers are also perfect ways to avoid wasting food while saving time!

Hitting the TrailsHitting the Trails
Now that the weather has cooled, it's a great time to hit the trails which is exactly what we did over the weekend. To keep our bodies fueled, we brought along our bento lunches with some of our favorite on the trail snacks. We're so happy to have a full season of fun hikes and picnics to look forward to! Happy fall!
Holiday BalanceHoliday Balance
After indulging a little over the holiday weekend, it felt great to get back on track with this week's wholesome bento lunch. Here's to a happy, well-balanced holiday season!
Holiday Hustle LunchHoliday Hustle Lunch
Ready set go... and keep on going and going and going! Yes it's that time of year when everyone seems to be hustling around trying to enjoy all that the season has to offer! To help keep you going, we decided to put together a bento lunch full of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants sure to give you that extra needed boost for those extra busy days.

In-a-Rush LunchIn-a-Rush Lunch
Short on time? This lunch should fit the bill. Prepare the salad and potatoes tonight, and you'll have them on hand to drop into your lunch box tomorrow morning.
Laptop LeftoversLaptop Leftovers
We had some great leftovers that we decided to throw together for lunch this week. Our outcome... a well-balanced, nutritious and delicious lunch that we were able to put together in a few short minutes. What could be better?
Last Bites of SummerLast Bites of Summer
It's clear that fall is upon us, but here in California we can still find a few of our summertime favorites at the farmers' market. This weekend, market shoppers were sure to get their fill of summer's remaining bounty. We were happy to get our hands on some delicious blueberries and green beans for this week's bento lunch.
Light and CozyLight and Cozy
Now that the temperatures are dropping and the skies are turning gray, we're craving comfort foods and nothing says comfort like tomato soup and grilled cheese. To lighten up this cold weather favorite, we swapped out the traditional grilled cheese with a healthier and even tastier caprese version!
Little Fingers BentoLittle Fingers Bento
This week's bento lunch box is geared towards all those little ones out there on the go! Of course, the portions can easily be increased to work for big kids and adults too. One easy meal for the whole family - now that's a winning lunch!
Lunch in a FlashLunch in a Flash
Need to make lunch in a flash? Ideal for those rushed mornings when you've overslept or something unexpected has happened. Be sure to keep a couple of hard-boiled eggs on hand--just in case.
Market FrittersMarket Fritters
The backyard garden is looking a bit sparse but, thankfully, the farmers' markets still have much to offer. Apples are abundant, the tomatoes are hanging on, and the wide variety of roots and greens are breathtakingly beautiful and delicious.
On the Go BentoOn the Go Bento
This week's bento lunch will make the perfect on the go meal to be enjoyed during your weekend outings. Being able to enjoy your favorite fall activities and your favorite foods is always a possibility when you take your bento on the go!
Out of the RutOut of the Rut
Stuck in a sandwich rut? We've got the wrap that might just help you out in this week's bento lunch! With crunchy veggies and sweet pumpkin spice bread on the side, this lunch is sure to become a favorite amongst the entire family.
Pack Lunch, Pack LovePack Lunch, Pack Love
Don't just pack lunch, pack love! There is something so delightful and heart warming about the simple combination of Soup and Salad for lunch. Adding in a whole grain roll and melon hearts makes this bento lunch both filling and an extra special treat for anyone.
Party to GoParty to Go
We've been enjoying the holiday parties and celebrations so much that we decided to pack up the fun and take it to go! That's right... our potluck favorites are packed up in this week's bento. Happy holidays!
Pasta & SaladPasta & Salad
This heartwarming lunch features multiple tastes, textures, and food groups. Prepare the pasta for dinner and save some to pack for a feel-good lunch tomorrow.
Pasta and SaladPasta and Salad
This fettuccine dish is simple to make, tastes great, and keeps well overnight. Prepare it for dinner in the evening, and then pack it for lunch the following day. Add a nice, crispy green salad and two side dishes, and you've got a delicious mid-day meal.
Pasta Lovers' SaviorPasta Lovers' Savior
Love pasta but not the guilt that comes along with eating it? Spaghetti squash just might be your savior! With a similar texture to pasta but only 42 calories per serving and a delicious taste - how could you go wrong? We topped our "spaghetti" with a homemade veggie sauce but feel free to substitute in some of your own favorite pasta toppings and be prepared to fall in love!

Pho to GoPho to Go
Super versatile and comforting, Pho seems to be all the rage these days. No time to go out? Take your Pho to go! Our lidded containers are completely leak proof and microwave safe which makes them perfect for transporting and enjoying your favorite soups.
Pizza with PizzazzPizza with Pizzazz
Prepare the soup for dinner and save the leftovers for lunch. Create the pizza with an English muffin, pasta sauce, mozzarella and romano cheeses, and fresh herbs or vegetables.
Pleasing PortionsPleasing Portions
In an effort to get a jump start on our New Year's resolutions, we've been using our Bento Sets for both balance and portion control. Lunches like this week's have made it both easy and satisfying to take this first step toward living a healthier lifestyle.
Pleasing the PickiesPleasing the Pickies
When trying to please a picky eater, a nice presentation can go a long way. To entice our picky eating friends, we've put together a creative bento lunch by turning a plain sandwich into sunflower pinwheels and cutting our fruits and veggies into fun hearts and stars. Who could say no to strawberry hearts and cucumber stars?
Potato Bean SoupPotato Bean Soup
It's still quite warm here in California, but for those in colder climates, soup may be on the lunch menu this week.Try this delicious potato bean soup along with some whole grain crackers and some fruit. We were lucky enough to find the last of the fresh peaches at the farmers' market this past weekend.
Potstickers PlusPotstickers Plus
This is what lunch looks like the day after you have take-out Chinese food for dinner, or prepare your own eggflower soup and potstickers from scratch. (The eggflower soup recipe in Mollie Katzen's Honest Pretzels cookbook--pictured here--is delicious, kid-friendly, and very easy to make.)
Quick and Easy Bento LunchQuick and Easy Bento Lunch
Just because you're in a hurry doesn't mean you should skimp on nutrition. This week's bento lunch was quick and easy to make, nutritious and tasted great! What more could you ask for?
Rainy Day BentoRainy Day Bento
It's been a rainy, wish we could stay in bed kind of week, so we decided to give ourselves a little sleep-in treat by preparing this breakfast bento last night. That's right... we hit the snooze button a couple extra times and still enjoyed this delicious, well-balanced morning meal!
Rockin' Around MyPlateRockin' Around MyPlate
We know a lot of you use our bento boxes to help mirror the MyPlate food model so this week we've decided to help you mix things up a bit while still hitting all of the recommended food groups. It takes a little planning, but portion control and balance can make meals even more fun!
Sensationally Beneficial SalmonSensationally Beneficial Salmon
When counting calories, it's extremely important to make sure the foods we're eating are high in vitamins and minerals. One food that makes great use of those daily allotted calories is salmon, which provides a number of benefits ranging from muscle strength to disease prevention. If youíre keeping an eye on your calorie intake, you might want to give this menu a try. Itís sure to leave you healthfully satisfied and feeling great!
Silly Mornings on the GoSilly Mornings on the Go
Mornings can be rough but we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don't go without - pack it to go! This week we've put together a silly breakfast sure to put a smile on the faces of even the crankiest of morning warriors.
Southern ComfortSouthern Comfort
Don't let memories of slimy childhood okra cause you to shy away from this menu. Fresh okra, when prepared right, is a wonderful treat! Add some brown rice, juicy peaches, and garden cherry tomatoes for a delicious mid-day meal.
Spinach Frittata Spinach Frittata
Eggs have gotten a bad rap in the past, but they are a very inexpensive way to get a number of vitamins and nutrients into any meal. We decided to really amp up the nutritional value by making spinach frittatas for lunch. Paired with the sweet tastes of honey bliss melon and dried papaya chunks, this meal hit all the right marks.
Squash with PestoSquash with Pesto
Substituting spaghetti squash for plain old pasta adds a depth of flavor and wholesome nutritients to any pasta sauce. The recipe for this dish was sent to us by Mariel Hemingway, whose new book, Mariel's Kitchen, is sure to be a winner in your home as well. We served this main course with fresh fruit and a couple of delicious oatmeal bars to achieve this way-more-than-satisfying meal.
Steamed EggplantSteamed Eggplant
This colorful lunch is great for the body and and a vision to behold. Steamed eggplant is wonderfully tender and contains far fewer calories than its fried counterpart. Shell your own edamame with a gentle squeeze to each bean or, if you're pressed for time, purchase them pre-shelled in the frozen foods aisle. Oranges are refreshing and provide an extra boost of vitamin C.
Sweet Potato Hummus and Spinach Salad Sweet Potato Hummus and Spinach Salad
It's not just hummus- It's sweet potato hummus! YUM! Served with flax seed chips, spinach salad dressed in balsamic vinaigrette, a side of curried couscous and two little cutie mandarins, this bento lunch hints at the autumnal season soon to come, while still celebrating the bounties of summer.
Swiss Chard TofuSwiss Chard Tofu
Ever feel stumped or intimidated by tofu? It doesn't have to be complicated to taste delicious! Saute it up with some veggies like Swiss chard, then pair it with a side of rice and your favorite sauce for extra flavor. It's that easy!
Tempting TempehTempting Tempeh
This delicious fall lunch of red, green, orange and tan reflects the fall changes taking place outdoors this time of year. Prepare the pasta for dinner the night before and pack the leftovers for lunch.
Thanksgiving RepackagedThanksgiving Repackaged
Thanksgiving leftovers are arguably the best leftovers of the year, so no matter where you're headed Friday, be sure to pack your bento full of holiday goodness! Happy Thanksgiving!
Toddler LunchToddler Lunch
Toddlers require far less food at one sitting than we do, so pack accordingly--and be sure to pack the colors of the rainbow. Include lots of bite-sized finger foods, and steam vegetables for easy chewing.
Trail Mix & YogurtTrail Mix & Yogurt
If you're like us, you're looking for ways to simplify your routine as we head into the busy holiday season. Packing simple "grab and go" lunches can save time and reduce stress. This is one of our favorites.
Travelers' Breakfast Travelers' Breakfast
Taking an early morning flight no longer has to mean scant airline meals for breakfast! Pack a bento with your favorite morning meal the night before, and slip it into your insulated sleeve when you're ready to go. Try this delicious menu for a filling and healthy option!
Veggie NuggetsVeggie Nuggets
Nervous about serving your kids processed chicken nuggets? Try these tasty, homemade veggie nuggets! It's all the finger food fun your kids love without the mystery meat. Served up with some fun sides, this lunch is all about delicious veggie fun!
Wrap and RunWrap and Run
This week's lunch is great for those busy mornings when you're on the run but don't want to skimp on a nutritious lunch. Just grab your favorite ingredients, wrap them up, drop in some fruit, and you're on your way!
Yogurt & BlueberriesYogurt & Blueberries
This lunch is ideal for those early September mornings when you're short on time.

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