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5 Minute Bento5 Minute Bento
This is one of those quick and refreshing lunches that can be thrown together in just a few quick minutes. Minimize the cost by purchasing your yogurt in larger containers and your dry goods from bulk bins.
A Bento FavoriteA Bento Favorite
We've got avocado sushi in our bentos! We love sushi around here and were very pleased to see it in our bento lunches this week. Accompanied by a green salad, orange slices and a cookie for dessert, this sushi lunch has gone straight to the top of our favorites list!
Angel Hair Pasta with Sauteed VegetablesAngel Hair Pasta with Sauteed Vegetables
This delicious menu is a hit all year round. The pasta can be enjoyed either warm or chilled, depending on the season and your preferences. The popcorn adds a delightful crunch, and the sweet juicy melon is the perfect finish for this savory meal. Great for adults and kids!
Arugula SaladArugula Salad
With summer nearly upon us, we're happy to see a wider variety of fresh greens at the farmers' market, and the arugula looks especially good right now. Pair this wonderful salad with some fat-free cottage cheese and crackers for a light and delicious lunch.
Back to BasicsBack to Basics
When was the last time you had a tuna sandwich? Although tuna sandwiches were a common fixture in many of our childhood lunches, we realized it’d been a while since we actually had one. Tuna is loaded with protein and omega-3’s which makes it a very nutritious food, so we hope you’ll join us in bringing back this oldie but goody!
Bento BrunchBento Brunch
This week we decided to put together some of our breakfast favorites for a festive bento brunch! We chose farm-fresh eggs, crispy tots and wholesome fresh fruit for ours, but we encourage you to mix and match your favorite feel-good breakfast foods in for a fun mid-day meal. Enjoy!
Bento FiestaBento Fiesta
Last night we had Mexican food for dinner, so we decided to use our leftover beans and rice to create a bento fiesta for today's lunch. Although Mexican food is often high in calories and fat, keeping items simple and pairing them with fresh fruits and vegetables is a healthy way to enjoy this popular cuisine.
Bento SnacksBento Snacks
Do you like to snack? We sure do! In an attempt to satisfy our snack cravings, we decided to pack some of our favorites for lunch this week. We hope you’ll like what we’ve put together but feel free to change it up based on your own preferences. Happy snacking!
Cabbage over RiceCabbage over Rice
We were thrilled to see fresh organic strawberries at Saturday's farmers' market--a clear sign that summer is on the way! Perhaps less exciting--but equally delicious--were the heads of cabbage and bunches of carrots, which made this savory lunch a real palate pleaser. Enjoy!
Cashew CrunchCashew Crunch
Shake up your lunch routine with this "sandwich," a wonderfully crunchy alternative to your average PB & J.
Cheese Tasting Bento LunchCheese Tasting Bento Lunch
This week we were thrilled to see cheese and crackers in our bento lunch! We chose Iberico which is a Spanish cheese but feel free to choose one of your favorites or try out something new.
Chili LunchChili Lunch
The weather may be getting warmer, but chili and roasted beets still provide plenty of comfort at this time of year. And fresh fruit is always a treat!
Cinco de Mayo AnticipationCinco de Mayo Anticipation
We can't wait to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some fresh guacamole this weekend, so to hold us over, we decided to have avocado sandwiches for lunch! We kept our sandwiches plain but avocados are super versatile, so don't be afraid to get creative.
Early Spring SaladEarly Spring Salad
Spring has officially arrived! In anticipation of some of our favorite fruits and vegetables coming back into season, we decided to have a brightly colored salad play the starring role in this week’s bento lunch. We hope you will enjoy this tuna salad lunch along with the first signs of the new season.
Eating Beyond the BasicsEating Beyond the Basics
If you're trying to get your sandwich lover to spread their wings, you might want to start with some fun, colorful, and unexpected sides. The different textures and tastes in this week's lunch might just catch those pickier eaters off guard and may even pique their interest in other less traditional lunch possibilities.
Egg-tastic Bento LunchEgg-tastic Bento Lunch
Now that the Easter eggs have been found, it's time to put them to good use! Deviled eggs are a fun treat, easy to make and a great source of protein which helped us balance out this week's bento lunch. Thank you Easter bunny!
Feeding The Adult AppetiteFeeding The Adult Appetite
We know it's not just kids packing their lunches, so this week's lunch was made specifically for all of you adults out there! Spinach salad, curry stew and chocolate covered espresso beans - this isn't your kid's lunchbox!
Fiesta to GoFiesta to Go
No time to stop by your favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch? No worries. Just take it to go! That's what we did this week and we will admit to enjoying every last bite!
Gourmet Picnic Lunch Gourmet Picnic Lunch
Our bento lunch box isn't just for the weekdays. This lunch is perfect for weekend picnics at the park, trips to the beach or for a walk through the woods. This easy gourmet lunch brings luxury to your outdoor adventures.
Grazer's DelightGrazer's Delight
Calling all grazers! If you're looking for a lunch to enjoy all afternoon, this one's for you. Everything in this lunch can easily stand on its own giving you a series of small meals to get through the day.
Grilled PaniniGrilled Panini
Grilled paninis seem to be all the rage these days. Pack them full of vegetables, and grill them in a very small amount of olive oil. Don't be discouraged if you don't happen to own a panini grill. Use a waffle iron or grill them in a large skillet with a heavy, smaller skillet on top. (Place a full tea kettle in the top skillet for extra weight.)
It's a Wrap! It's a Wrap!
Stuck in a sandwich rut? We recommend wrapping it up! Sandwich wraps are extremely versatile and can be quite delicious. Whether you throw in leftovers, follow a recipe, or create your own signature wrap, we hope you'll enjoy this sandwich alternative.
Japanese Yaki SobaJapanese Yaki Soba
Yaki soba is an easy-to-prepare one-dish meal. Make it for dinner and set aside enough to pack for lunch the following day.
Jolly White GiantsJolly White Giants
Move over Jolly Green Giant, this week, we've got giant white beans in our bento lunch! Paired with a seaweed salad and a giant carrot muffin, this week's lunch left us feeling quite jolly!
Kasha & PineappleKasha & Pineapple
A typical North American diet relies heavily on wheat and rice, but it doesn't have to be that way. When packing lunch, don't forget to look "outside the box" for other interesting and nutritous alternatives. Next time you shop for groceries, consider purchasing kasha (Russian for 'buckweat groats'), amaranth, quinoa, millet, polenta, and pearl barley.
Mature MunchingMature Munching
Quesadillas are great for pleasing just about any crowd but with the sun dried tomato pesto and sides including shredded cabbage salad with garlic mango dressing and, of course dark chocolate covered coffee beans for dessert, this week's bento lunch definitely has a mature twist. Don't have a bento lunch box of your own? Borrow your child's... and enjoy!
Mexican MangoMexican Mango
This grab n' go bento is easy to prepare and fun to eat. The variety of colors and textures mirrors the range of flavors and nutrients in this healthy yet simple lunch. Happy spring!
Mini Munchin'Mini Munchin'
This week's bento lunch is for all of the mini munchers out there. Whether they're headed to pre-school or a play date, the variety of tastes and textures in this lunch are sure to hit the spot!
Neat Loaf SandwichNeat Loaf Sandwich
This vegetarian "neat loaf" is amazingly flavorful and rich. It takes time to prepare but will keep well for several days in the refrigerator. Pack it as a stand-alone item one day of the week and with sandwich fixings another. (English muffin, mustard, and fresh cilantro are pictured in the photo here, but sprouts, sliced tomato, cheese, ketchup, sliced red onion, lettuce, and spinach are among the many other possibilities.)
Nutrition Bento BoxNutrition Bento Box
Looking for a major nutritional boost? Try packing a spinach salad in your bento box. Spinach is an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins and fiber, and tastes great with just about any salad topping you can think of. Go ahead, experiment and enjoy. It’s good for you!

Pasta with Pesto Pasta with Pesto
This lunch takes only a few minutes to prepare, especially if you cook the pasta the night before. The colors are lovely, and the fresh flavors can't be beat!
Pesto RavioliPesto Ravioli
We picked up this fresh ravioli, pesto sauce, and broccoli at the farmers' market over the weekend. We prepared it for dinner last night and packed the rest for lunch today--along with some applesauce and some whole grain cereal. It was quite good!
Picnic LunchPicnic Lunch
Last weekend we enjoyed such a great bento picnic that we decided to recreate it for today's lunch. This bento is a breeze to pack and is sure to be enjoyed in any setting!
Pizza PartyPizza Party
Want to put a smile on someone's face? Surprise them with a pizza party for lunch! Our pizza party is meant for a little one but can easily be changed to make an adult's day and, as long as you keep balance and portion control in mind, can be both fun and guilt free!
Refreshing Bento SaladRefreshing Bento Salad
Have you ever had a bok choy salad? If not, you're missing out! A member of the cabbage family, raw bok choy is crunchy, refreshing, full of vitamins, and low in calories. We were certainly thrilled to see this colorful salad and sides in our bento boxes today!
Roll-ups & AsparagusRoll-ups & Asparagus
This colorful lunch is light, flavorful, and delicious--perfect for spring, when asparagus is in season. Follow the recipe here or create your own roll-up by including your favorite ingredients.
Salad and SandwichSalad and Sandwich
As the weather warms, and our farmers' market continues to expand its offerings, you'll begin to see more and more salads featured here. We are truly looking forward to summer's bounty, and we suspect that you might be too!
Sandwich with Yummy SidesSandwich with Yummy Sides
A sandwich for lunch. What a concept! Shake it up from time to time with various fillings, breads, and spreads. In addition to traditional whole grain sandwich bread, try whole grain bagels, English muffins, pita bread, tortillas, nan, rice cakes, lavash, crackers, or focaccia. (A complete list of options can be found on page 87 of The Laptop Lunch User's Guide.)
Somen NoodlesSomen Noodles
This refreshing lunch will cool you down on those warm spring and summer days. Choose your own toppings, or try those pictured here. Be sure to pair the somen with a crispy apple or Asian pear.
Spaghetti's CousinSpaghetti's Cousin
Just like spaghetti with marinara, udon noodles with peanut sauce is a quick and easy meal your family will enjoy at the dinner table and love the next day for lunch. Hot or cold, this sweet and savory dish is sure to hit the spot!
Spring DelightSpring Delight
This is the perfect time of year to enjoy asparagus and artichokes, which are both plentiful this month.
Spring FreshSpring Fresh
Spring is in full swing and fresh fruits and veggies are abundant. To take advantage of our seasonal favorites, we've got our bento boxes doing double salad in this bento lunch!
Spring Garden BentoSpring Garden Bento
As the school year winds down and the festivities and obligations reach a new end-of-year high, we know you'll be looking for ways to speed up the lunchmaking routine without sacrificing quality. That's the time to give this very colorful and nutritious Grab 'n Go Bento a try.
Spring Rolls & RiceSpring Rolls & Rice
Love these flavorful spring rolls! Be sure to include plenty of fresh garlic and ginger. Pan fry in a small amount of extra virgin olive oil instead of deep frying. Include a tangy dipping sauce as well.
Spring-Has-Sprung Spring RollSpring-Has-Sprung Spring Roll
Spring has sprung, the greens are fresh and we are celebrating this vibrant season with a delightful spring roll! Spring rolls can be filled with a wide assortment of crisp veggies, sweet fruits, marinated tofu and are a creative and easy way to get your greens. They are fun for kids and a classy touch for your work lunch.
Springtime SnackingSpringtime Snacking
Summer's right around the corner, the weather is warming up, and cold snacks are a must; so this week we put together a bento snack pack. With a combination of fresh fruits, veggies and protein packed nuts, this snack pack will help you enjoy your favorite warm weather activities without skipping a beat!
Super CaesarSuper Caesar
How do you make your favorite salad a super salad? It's simple - change up one of the main ingredients with a comparable super food. For example, in this bento lunch, we substituted the romaine hearts found in a typical Caesar salad with kale, giving us a super Caesar!
Super Fast BentoSuper Fast Bento
Looking for a quick and easy, yet healthy and tasty lunch idea? You’ve come to the right place! This week we kept our bentos extra simple and convenient without compromising health. In fact, our whole wheat pita pockets are filled with hummus, which is considered to be a super food… It’s super fast food!
Sushi Bento Sushi Bento
Appealing to the eye and packed with nutrition, this bento lunch is light and tasty. Sushi rolls may seem daunting if you've never made them before, but they're really quite easy!
Taking it to GoTaking it to Go
Getting ready to hit the road in search of some summertime fun? Whether you're traveling by train, plane or automobile, be sure to be proactive about eating well on-the-go. Pack your bento with some fun and healthy snacks like the ones shown in this week's bento lunch.
Taste of the Mediterranean Taste of the Mediterranean
The Mediterranean diet has been touted as one of the healthiest in the world and, by the looks of this week's bento lunch, it's clear to see why. Rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and full of flavor, this week's bento lunch is one of our new favorites!

Ultimate BurgerUltimate Burger
Hamburgers are commonly hailed as the ultimate all-American food, but for a meal on the run, veggie burgers are a great substitute. Veggie burgers can be easily tailored to appeal to anyone’s tastes and will maintain that great taste throughout the day. We loaded our burgers with some of our favorite veggies, grains and herbs which made for quite the gratifying mid-day meal.
Vegetable Roll-upsVegetable Roll-ups
This lunch is light and delicious, and comes together quickly. Be sure to make the roll-ups in the morning so they're not soggy by lunchtime.
Vegetable SoupVegetable Soup
Prepare a large pot of vegetable soup on the weekend to enjoy throughout the week. Be sure to include lots of onions, celery, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, and parsnips. Add some short grain brown rice, barley, or quinoa for additional bulk. Bake your potato, add pretzels and an orange, and you've got lunch.
Warm or Chilly - We're Ready! Warm or Chilly - We're Ready!
Packing on the go meals can be difficult with the unpredictable weather during seasonal changes. Our solution - soup and salad! Our containers are microwave safe, so we're able to heat our soup up if it's chilly or enjoy it cold if the sun is warm and shiny.
Welcome Back StrawberriesWelcome Back Strawberries
Spring is here and we are so happy to report that our local strawberries are already perfectly ripe and sweet! To celebrate the arrival of our favorite sweet berries, we've put them front and center in this week's delicious bento lunch.
Whole Grain CakesWhole Grain Cakes
Whole grains contain a number of vitamins and antioxidants that have been proven to have a positive impact on our overall health, so it’s important to get at least three servings a day. To help meet this recommended daily allowance, we decided to make a batch of whole grain pancakes for lunch. That’s right; as long as you use healthy ingredients even a treat like pancakes can be good for you!

Weekly Healthy Lunch Menu

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