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February 2015

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February 2015

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From Our Desk To Yours
From Your Kitchen To Ours
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Ahhh February….the month of love! It’s a good time to remember that when you pack lunch you really are packing love. Whether your daily routine involves packing lunches for loved ones or for yourself, the effort you make in creating a delicious and balanced lunch truly is a gift of love. What better way to say “I love you” and “I care deeply about you” than through the act of providing nutritious food that makes you feel good! Add a little “love” note or if the lunch is for you, an inspiring quote and you have yourself a box full-o-love! Imagine the smile when the receiver opens up his/her lunch to discover your heartfelt creation.

Hugs and kisses,

From Our Desk To Yours
The rumors are true! We are launching a new brand and it is scheduled to come out this month! (Yay!!) Here's a sneak peak at our one of new colors. Keep posted, there's more to come!

Just a quick reminder - we're offering FREE SHIPPING* when you use the code "NYR2015" at checkout! This special will only last until the end of February, so act now, before it's over!

*free flat rate shipping valid on orders shipped within the contiguous US

Are you thinking about adding some notes to your loved ones' lunch this Valentine's Day? Make it "pun" and use one of these ideas from The Produce Mom Blog! (And some of these are so good, we won't pass judgment if you use them throughout the rest of the year!)

It's getting closer to that date. Some love it, some hate it, and some just don't care. But, whether you're planning to place rose petals all over your house, or watch anti-love movies, it's interesting to know where this all began. Luckily, we have the History Channel to put it altogether for us. Check out all their videos on the holiday's history below!

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Beside's Valentine's Day and International Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day (don't worry, we'll explain more about this later), it's also national avocado month!! We have to take this opportunity to give a shout out to our friends at Wholly Guacamole. Not only do we love their guacamole, but they are just all-around awesome people, and they really stand behind their products. Want to know more about avocados? Check out this awesome page they've put together!

From Your Kitchen To Ours
  • Heart-shaped, double-decker turkey, tomato and cream cheese sandwich
  • Fresh bell pepper strips with spicy red pepper hummus
  • Heart-shaped tortilla chips
  • Red grapes and strawberries
"I love using Valentine's Day to promote red fruits and veggies with my kids. Want more ideas to make Valentine's Day a bit healthier? Follow the #LoveHealthy Facebook page and get daily tips from top family health bloggers.

I've been a Laptop Luncher for the past two years. I am hooked because they are so easy to clean and durable enough to survive a first grader. Look at more of my Laptop Lunches on my website Don't Panic Mom, Facebook and Instagram."

--Allison Howe, MPH, CHES
educator. designer. mom.

Worth Sharing
Do you love Love? If you do, add a little bit to your lunch each day. These veggie cutters make the cutest little hearts, they're so easy to use, and everyone enjoys fun-shaped foods. (And, If you don't love Love, then sparkle up your bento with the star that comes in the set!)

Every February, something magical happens. And this magic reaches beyond Valentine's Day. The second Saturday of the month is International Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day! What?! If you're like us, you'll be all over this like chocolate sauce on a sundae! And, just in case you need inspiration, check out this Pinterest page for mouth-watering recipes, pictures and ideas for everything ice cream.

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Hard-boiled eggs are a great solution to saving time when you're trying to pack in the protein. But, not eveyone grew up in a hard-boiled-egg-loving family, so it won't be second nature to cook them properly. Check out our video on how to make your eggs out of this world!!

Lunch Menus


Four Cheese Ravioli with Marinara
Green Salad
Tuscan Salad Dressing
Orange Slices
Dark Chocolate Squares


Black Bean Burgers
Cranberry Relish
Arugula Salad w/ Tahini Dressing
Butternut Squash with Kale and Pecans
Carrots and Plum Tomatoes
Bento Buzz
"We use our Bentoware daily for school lunches. Love the individual containers, ease of use, dishwash-ability, and the bright, cheerful colors, made in USA value and ease of use! Even our Kindergartener with coordination issues can use, and our 4th grader's box still looks fantastic, even after 5 years of daily use. We recommend Bentoware to everyone -- perfect example of "going green," too -- a huge initiative in our area."

-- Em, New England

"3rd Lunchbox we have owned. My 3 year old daughter LOVES the design and colors. Great customer service. Prefer this type of carrier as the drink can still cool inside the bag, it fits better in her school bag, and the shoulder strap has been helpful too."

-- Emily, Nashville, TN

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