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Portion Control

The Ultimate Secret Weapon for Dieters
By Joanna C.

The Laptop Lunch System isn't just for kids! Spend an afternoon browsing the glorious pictures on the laptop lunches Web site; then take a good, hard look at your office cafeteria or mall food court. Ask yourself if it's fair for the kids to have all the fun while you spend half your hourly wage on over-priced, grease-infused, chicken-flavored polystyrene!

I am an adult Laptop Lunch user, and I have found that my box is not just a glorified ziploc bag, it's a secret diet weapon too. Before I got it, I ate a ton of convenience food. I knew it was bad for me, but it tasted so good. And when the only handy alternative was a peanut butter sandwich in a smushed-up ziploc bag, I found it hard to resist the call of the food court. Having a lunch that is accessible, attractive, and full of interesting things has been my best defense against temptation.

Lunch is not the only meal that has changed for me either. I used to eat convenience food for dinner too, but all those single-serve microwave meals left me foraging later. Now I cook foods which yield leftovers. A third of my dinner fits nicely in the portion-controlled lunchbox containers, and when supplemented by fruit and snacks, make for a well-rounded day of eating. A third of my dinner is a small enough quantity that I don't miss it. I can make up the lost plate real estate with side dishes such as salad or vegetables, which add bulk but do not add many calories. These used to be blue moon foods, but now I eat them twice a day---at dinner, and as a snack in tomorrow's lunchbox.

The laptop lunchbox has made me a more well-rounded cook because those little containers inspire me to think creatively. I consider it sacrilege to pack the same food in more than one container, so it has become a game to find four separate foods to pack each day. I got out of my cucumber and carrot sticks rut with asparagus, squash, cauliflower, edamame, yellow peppers, cole slaw mix, baby corn and snow peas. The protective hard containers opened me up to fruit choices beyond the sturdy apple, and I have enjoyed pineapple, orange slices, strawberries, canned pears, grapes, cherries, plums and watermelon.

I am skipping the junk, eating less packaged food, having smaller portions, eating more nutritionally balanced meals and enjoying both my lunches and dinners a lot more than I used to. No wonder I am losing weight!

Break Out of the Lean Cuisine Lunch Rut

"I am a dieter, so your lunchboxes appealed to me as a good way to break out of the Lean Cuisine lunch rut and encourage me to pack healthy lunches with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

"When I'm not Lean Cuisine-ing my lunch, I will pack yogurt, fresh fruit and granola, or salads and fruit, but then end up with a paper sack full of bulky Ziploc containers and bags that seem to take up quadruple the space required for the foods I'm carrying. I find it both annoying and cumbersome when I am heading out the door for the day with a gym bag, laptop bag, and an ungainly lunch sack."

"I also am peculiarly inclined to use the smallest dishes possible for my meals and keep a variety of small plates and bowls at home, but have been frustrated in finding similarly sized lunch containers. The small proportions of the inner containers were a definite selling point, as were the bright colors and obvious quality of all the pieces."

Restaurant Quality Without the Quantity

"Laptop Lunches aren't just for kids! Let me explain: I've reached that age now when I have to try hard to keep my weight down and even harder to lose any. I should add that I really do love food so finding a way to enjoy my meals without putting on weight is a real challenge. I'm happy to be able to report that the Laptop Lunch is an important part of my diet! I realised that restaurant lunches, however apparently healthy, were really not helping me - often the portions were large and of course one never quite knows what ingredients are used. So I decided to take a packed lunch to work. My wife bought me a Laptop Lunch system, and it works perfectly for me. The different containers stimulate me to add variety to my lunch, but it is the size that is really the winner since it automatically ensures that I do not eat too much! My menu today was Salade Nicoise with fresh tuna, celery and walnut salad, and melon with yogurt. Simply delicious! Thanks Tammy and Amy!"

   —Jonathan Clark, Blue Bell, PA

Weight Watchers Best Bet

"I am loving my Laptop Lunch box. I made my very first vegan lunch just the other day. As someone who has a habit of mindlessly overeating (and being a Weight Watchers member), I thank you for a great product!"

   —Erin Murphy, Chicago, IL