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October 2013

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October 2013
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From Your Kitchen To Ours
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School is in full swing, and Halloween is on its way! We hope your month is filled with lots of creativity and memory-making fun. We also hope you have time for some fall picnics and relaxing weekends, soaking up the last few rays of sunshine before winter sets in -- and we hope you find some lunch-making inspiration in this issue of Bento Living!

From Our Desk To Yours
In a lunch-making rut? Set yourself free with Catherine McCord's new cookbook, Weelicious Lunches: Think outside the lunch box with more than 160 happier meals, available on our website for 20% off. No coupon code needed!

Don't miss our exclusive Laptop Lunches interview with Jessica Alba, actress, mother, and founder of The Honest Company. Find out what Jessica has to say about being a mom and an entrepeneur committed to safe, organic, eco-friendly products for mom and baby.

We have finally made it across the pond! Laptop Lunches Bento-ware is now available on Amazon UK! You can find a nice selection of our bento products, including bento lunch boxes, bento buddies, and bento systems. Are you using our bento-ware in the UK? Tell us what you think on Facebook. (We love hearing from you!)

Our good friends at have offered our readers a 15% discount through Oct 15, 2013! We love their triclosan-free hand sanitizers, botanical disinfectants, fabric deodorizers, soaps, and commercial cleaners because they’re perfect for school, day care, the gym, the office, and more. Thanks, CleanWell! Use coupon code Laptop15 at checkout.

From Your Kitchen To Ours
  • Cream cheese, red pepper, olive sandwich with spooky olive eyes and pepper mouth
  • Raspberry jello with black grapes
  • Hummus with a creepy olive spider
  • Jack-o-lantern, ghost and bat tortilla chips
"I love packing silly Halloween lunches for my boys in our Laptop Lunches bento boxes. The divided containers make it easy for me to add a few spooky touches while keeping the rest of the lunch fast and easy."

-Wendolyn Copley

Wendolyn is a mother of two, a prolific bento creator, blogger at Wendolonia, crafter and blog photographer. Be sure to visit her blog for hundreds of creative lunches and lots of inspiration.

Food For Thought: Papaya
Photo Credit: Melissa Braun

Papaya is packed with nutrients. It contains more than twelve essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which cure digestive problems and intestinal parasites. It is known as a medicinal fruit full of antioxidants that helps maintain good eye sight and healthy skin. Papaya’s antioxidants also slow down the aging process and protect against many types of cancer. The high fiber content lowers cholesterol levels and keeps them balanced. Papaya also helps control blood pressure and protects the body from heart disease.

Papaya is most commonly eaten fresh, peeled, and cut. It is also available dried in chunks or pureed in juice, and is frequently used in salads, curries, and smoothies. For delicious recipes with papaya, visit

  • Loaded with Vitamins and Other Essential Enzymes
  • High in Antioxidants
  • Helps Prevent Premature Aging
  • Treats Digestive Disorders
  • Prevents Heart Attacks and Strokes
  • Ensures Healthy Skin
  • Maintains High Energy Levels
  • Boosts Immune System

Photo Credit: Melissa Braun
Worth Sharing
We offer discounts for schools and educational groups. Put together a group order and receive 20% off a collective order of 20 items or more. It's a great way to educate students and parents about the many benefits of packing healthy, waste-free lunches. We're happy to assist you with educational flyers, brochures and posters as well. Contact us to get started today!


Looking for an easy and simple way to make lunches more exciting for your kids? Dress up your bento with fun picks! Simply pack your regular lunch, then add happy critters and dancing pandas for an instantly adorable lunch your kids will want to dive right into. These picks are great in fruit, sandwiches, veggies, and cheese. After all, "anything you can stick, looks great with a pick!"

Are you looking ways to simplify your lunch-packing routine?

Watch this demo video to find out how you can do just that!

Lunch Menus


Apricot Scone
Pepper Slices
Fresh Grapefruit
Cottage Cheese


Crisp Organic Apples
Yam Cakes
Steamed Brussels Sprouts
Tangy Salsa
Bento Buzz
"Just wanted to say thank you! I have been using these lunch boxes for about 3 years and now the two kids I nanny for (kindergarten and 2nd grade) borrowed mine for a week and fell instantly in love! We are buying them their own."

-- Jen, Concord, CA

"I love these for a trash-free lunch for my kids. I also think they eat better when all their food is neatly packed! Best purchase I made last year for back to school."

-- Colleen, KY

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