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Superb Quality

I really appreciate your prompt response and suggestions. Thanks again for coming up with such a great lunchbox! There is really nothing else like it. From working at a public charter school, I can definitely attest to not yet having come across a lunchbox half as good as yours. And I love seeing my 5-year-old walking outside in line for lunch carrying his 'Laptop Lunchbox' like a briefcase. He is so proud of it. In fact, he and my daughter (7-years-old) were carrying the lunchboxes the entire day that I received them in the mail (with nothing inside) and constantly thanking me for them. I extend those thanks to you.

   —Sumayya Allen, Atlanta, GA
I just received my order and would like to say that I am very pleased with the quality of your product. I am looking forward to many years of use, and I can't wait to try out some of your recipes. It will be nice not to have to use ziplock bags anymore. I will be pleased to recommend your products to people I know.

   —Heather Stanton, Rockport, MA
My laptop lunchboxes came last week and I'm THRILLED. They are wonderful, compact and of such great quality. I'm looking forward to putting them into use. I'm a 22 year-old who recently graduated as a nurse and was looking for something compact that I could bring meals to work with. Keep up the wonderful work.

   —Joan Pham, Vancouver, BC

Environmentally Conscious wife took a well-deserved week off and I (Dad) was making lunches and getting the kids off to school each morning. I can not think of a better, more environmentally friendly product on the market...well done!

   —Rich Everett, Soquel, CA
I have 2 Laptop Lunch kits and we love them!!!! I originally heard about you all on KCBS radio (San Francisco) on the “Eco-Talk” segment. I am active in our school’s “Go Green” initiative program (recycling, reducing, school garden, etc.) and I have passed your info on to several other people. Keep it up!!

   —Ruth Gray, Pleasanton, CA


It's nice to see a company addressing the serious problems of poor childhood nutrition and obesity. Our dependence on fast food, prepackaged foods, and other unhealthy foods means that children are consuming far too much fat, sodium, protein, and calories.

The thoughtfully designed Laptop Lunch container provides a convenient way for parents to replace processed, prepackaged foods with more nutritious alternatives, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and whole grains. As a gastroenterologist interested in nutrition and health, I applaud Amy Hemmert and Tammy Pelstring, the authors of The Laptop Lunch User's Guide, for providing the information families need to form healthy eating habits that can last a lifetime.

   —Robert J. Lindeman, M.D., Bethesda, MD
In a country where children are accustomed to eating twinkies and bologna sandwiches, it's very difficult for parents to make smart choices for their kids. The Laptop Lunch User's Guide provides parents with the information they need to establish healthy and diverse eating habits that will last a lifetime. I especially like the 'two bite' rule!

   —David Fimbres, McLean, VA
A friend and I bought each other a Laptop Lunch to encourage us to bring healthier lunches to work. We're both incredibly happy with them!

   —Erica Anderson, Pittsburgh, PA


Laptop Lunches just make sense! They're great for packing a variety of foods. In Japan, this type of container is used by most children and many adults. In addition to the convenience, parents can save money by not buying plastic utensils and disposable packaging. These costs really add up!

   —Kaori Nakajima, Silver Spring, MD

Great for Leftovers

Tonight as I was packing our leftover chicken into the kids containers, I told my husband how much fun I was having putting their lunches together in our Laptop Lunches. He took a look a what I had packed and said, “those have got to be the best lunches in the whole school.” They really are great. I was already packing my kids lunches in Tupperware and reusable bottles, but this just makes it so much easier (and more fun for them).

   —Jenn, Peterborough, NH

Perfect for Airline Travel

"Just wanted to let you know that the Laptop Lunch and book are both great! We already reuse and recycle and eat organic, but I definitely learned a few things and love the idea of promoting reusable lunch containers at my daughter's school. Plus, I really support your efforts and think you have an excellent product. I hope your offer in Parents Magazine gets more people recycling and buying organic. Keep up the fabulous work!"

   —Liz Stone, Kaneohe, HI
I stumbled across your Web site while searching for creative ideas for airline travel. I ordered a lunchbox and it arrived the next day - in plenty of time for my trip. I packed a Mediterranean salad, a 6 oz. grilled steak with steamed vegetables, a tangerine, and a small pastry for dessert. I was amazed at the ability to pack a full sized meal in such a compact space. And it fit easily in my carry-on bag. My seatmate on the plane was awed.

On the return (a breakfast flight), I packed a croissant, apple strudel, mixed fruit and cheese. Again, my seatmate was most envious. As the Western parrot used to say."It's the ONLY way to fly."

Many thanks for such a great "made in USA" product!

   —RT, California

Kids Love Them

My sons are 7 and 3 years old and they love their Laptop Lunchboxes. They're cool to carry, fun to open, and hold food nicely without any wasteful plastics baggies! I love putting the lunches in the nifty containers. They stay cleaner than any other lunchboxes we've had over the years! Thanks!

   —SM, Kensington, CA
We love our Laptop Lunches and have put them to daily use. The lunches are so good, my kids are the envy of their peers! Today the kids are eating smoked salmon, whole grain crackers, avocado, artichoke (with mayo in the dipping container) and strawberries! Yum, yum...

   —Deborah Nikkel, San Rafael, CA
I just wanted to send a note of gratitude for your design and marketing of the Laptop lunch box! My son will be eleven in December and when he saw the article in Bay Area Parent about the Laptop lunch box he was really intrigued. I purchased two boxes (one for the spare set of containers) at the start of summer day camp and he enjoyed preparing his lunch every day. My son and I love the ease of the system and he can't wait to show his computer savvy friends the new lunch box when school starts next week.

   —Sandra McMahan, San Francisco, CA
I LOVE our Laptop Lunch containers!! The kids really enjoy using them. My son said one of his friends at school was curious about where he'd gotten it. It's definitely an attention-getter.

This is a brilliant idea whose time has come. They make great holiday gifts, too. Unique, useful, environmentally conscious...... Very cool.

   —Chimene Lee, Scotts Valley, CA
We just love your products. My son started Kindergarten and has been taking two Laptop Lunches to school, one for the in-class peanut free snack and another for lunch. He refuses to use anything else.

My daughter loves her laptop lunchbag and all of its accessories. She comes home, and there is no more food left. I think that she loves the separation of the food and the fact that stuff isn't all squishy and soggy from sitting in a baggy all day. Thanks so much!

   —Theona Jundanian, Seattle, WA
We received our Laptop Lunches last week. Wow. Love them! My son was so excited, and the next day he had it in hand ready for school. His teachers told me he was showing it around school. He loves taking his lunch to school. His 2.5 year old brother is always asking 'mine, mine?

   —Rogelio Fernandez, Miami, FL
We received the luchboxes yesterday. The kids were so excited! We homeschool, so I plan to use them for nature walks, field trips, or for my husband's lunch. But right before dinnertime, the oldest child (she's 8) asked if I could put their dinner in the lunchboxes. So I did. She finished every bite. She said she doesn't even like cantaloupe, but ate all of hers. This morning, the 2 yr. old asked before breakfast, 'Where's my lunchbox, mommy?' Thanks a lot!

   —Florita Basuil, Eagan, MN

Not Just for Kids!

Your Laptop Lunch System is just what I needed! I'm a vegan who is always on the go. As a practicing psychologist, I see clients, teach, and conduct research. Try as I might, I would often skip lunch. I'm just so busy and don't care much for fast food fare and the like. Now, I pack-up my left-overs (as a single person with no children, I usually have them). I also pack-up restaurant "doggy bags." When I prepare for the work week, I try and make time to put together a cold pasta salad or fruit salad for some days of the week and soup that can be frozen and used later. I buy dried items that can easily be tossed into my Laptop Lunch container. Time permitting, I dry my own fruits and veggies. I carry fresh juice in my reusable water bottle. Thanks! Your system has made a significant difference in my life!

   —Shelley Janiczek Woodson, Ph.D., Granby, MA
I'm really enjoying my Laptop Lunch bento box. I bought it for myself to take to work. Frankly, when I saw the lunch box I was worried that it would be too small and I would be hungry. I was suprised to see how much food fits in the containers! I was stuffed after eating half my lunch! Thanks so much! I am glad that I made the purchase.

   —Guissella Winchester, CA
I ordered the Laptop lunch and I am so pleased with it. I couldn't believe how fast it came and how easy it is to use. My meals are so balanced and practically meat free. I love packing leftovers in it. The best thing about it is the portion control and the creativity I feel when making my lunch. I've only had it for two weeks now and after seeing it, three other people have ordered one! Thank you!

   —Lindsey Lachner, Pasadena, CA
I have the Laptop Lunch System for my 2-year-old daughter with the carrying case and all, and I LOVE it!!! I want to get one for myself now, so that I can start saving on food & eating out expenses, eat healthier, and have a fun way to take my lunch to work.

   —Stephanie Rogers, Dallas, TX
Just wanted to say Laptop Lunches aren't just for kids! I use mine at work to bring healthy, nutritious meals. What I love is the built-in portion control! I've noticed I eat a greater variety of foods as well. Instead of a large portion of rice and beans, I know have a smaller serving with greens, crackers fruit and cheese. I also use the carrier when my 10-month old goes to daycare. I make my own baby food and she has breakfast and lunch, plus yogurt and cereal- all in separate containers. Thanks for a great product we can all feel good about owning and using!

   —Elizabeth Sims, Birmingham, AL
I want to tell you that even though I use the lunchbox at work almost every day, everybody still comments on it. Also, the compartments really help me think about the various food groups I need to eat - this really reminds me to take the time to cut up some fruits and vegetables. I'm hoping to work in a Laptop Lunch fundraiser at our school next year.

   —Courtney, Milton, MA
This set is just perfect. The hemp bag is as cute as it is environmentally friendly and the portion sizes are exactly what I want them to be - enough to satisfy all of my hunger without leading me into the temptation to gorge myself! I simply couldn't be more pleased.

My coworker, by the way, is making louder and louder noises about getting one of her own. I'm even thinking of making a recommendation to the board that we consider making these an employee gift, to try to encourage healthier eating in the company! Your sets of 24 gave me the idea - I imagine that they were conjured originally with classrooms of children in mind, but I think they could really help our adult population here make better choices, too.

I just wanted to thank you so much for developing this product. This has been a spectacular buy thus far.

   —Charlotte Gibbs, Sacramento, CA

Got Dietary Restrictions?

I just had to write and share our success with Laptop Lunches. My son has multiple food allergies and autism. He loves to have his food "framed" for him in little boxes. When we're home, I use a cafeteria tray, but we've never had anything we could take on the road until now.

Before we purchased the Laptop Lunch System, I didn't realize how much we would use it. We've taken it on the town at least half a dozen times. We've taken it to restaurants, where he often can't eat the foods available or can only enjoy a limited selection. We've also taken it to Occupational Therapy appointments, where he has feeding therapy, and to picnics in the park. He just loves his lunch box. I swear he eats more than he would with just a brown bag lunch, and I don't have to haul around a bunch of mismatched containers. Laptop lunches are the best. Now my husband wants one! Thanks for such a great product that makes our lives simpler.

   —Laura Compton, Camas, WA
My husband and I have been looking for ways to reduce our waste and with my son having so many diet restrictions (he has an autism spectrum disorder so we follow Feingold and a GFCF diet), I have to pack his lunch each day and cringed at all the Ziploc bags and plastic silverware we were going through. We just received our first Laptop Lunchbox last week and loved it so I ordered a 2nd one for my younger son. They are so excited about the lunchboxes. Thank you so much for caring about the environment and making lunchbox lunches look good again.

   —Kecia Johndrow, Cedar Park, TX
I love my Laptop Lunch box and use it every day. I have food allergies and your product makes taking my 'safe home-cooked' meals with me 'on the go' very convenient!

   —Tammy Garland, Magnolia, DE


I am a dieter, so your lunchboxes appealed to me as a good way to break out of the Lean Cuisine lunch rut and encourage me to pack healthy lunches with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

When I'm not Lean Cuisine-ing my lunch, I will pack yogurt, fresh fruit and granola, or salads and fruit, but then end up with a paper sack full of bulky Ziploc containers and bags that seem to take up quadruple the space required for the foods I'm carrying. I find it both annoying and cumbersome when I am heading out the door for the day with a gym bag, laptop bag, and an ungainly lunch sack.

I also am peculiarly inclined to use the smallest dishes possible for my meals and keep a variety of small plates and bowls at home, but have been frustrated in finding similarly sized lunch containers. The small proportions of the inner containers were a definite selling point, as were the bright colors and obvious quality of all the pieces.

I have had Japanese lunches in restaurants that were served in bento boxes and really love the artfulness of that presentation. Kudos on a terrific translation of that form into a practical lunchbox for everyday use!

   —Margo McKee, Atlanta, GA
Laptop Lunches aren't just for kids! Let me explain: I've reached that age now when I have to try hard to keep my weight down and even harder to lose any. I should add that I really do love food so finding a way to enjoy my meals without putting on weight is a real challenge. I'm happy to be able to report that the Laptop Lunch is an important part of my diet! I realized that restaurant lunches, however apparently healthy, were really not helping me - often the portions were large and of course one never quite knows what ingredients are used. So I decided to take a packed lunch to work. My wife bought me a Laptop Lunch system, and it works perfectly for me. The different containers stimulate me to add variety to my lunch, but it is the size that is really the winner since it automatically ensures that I do not eat too much! My menu today was Salade Nicoise with fresh tuna, celery and walnut salad, and melon with yogurt. Simply delicious! Thanks Tammy and Amy!

   —Jonathan Clark, Blue Bell, PA
I am loving my Laptop Lunch box. I made my very first vegan lunch just the other day. As someone who has a habit of mindlessly overeating (and being a Weight Watchers member), I thank you for a great product!

   —Erin Murphy, Chicago, IL


I've thought about writing this email many times, and I finally decided to just go ahead and do it. I suppose if I told you that my Laptop Lunch box has made me a better person, you'd think I was just being hyperbolic - but it's true!

When I first got a Laptop Lunch box, I was just looking for a way to save a little money on my workday lunches. I was skeptical that I'd have the willpower to stick to a routine of planning lunches, packing them, and washing the box every night, but I found that I really enjoyed taking the time to do the right thing for my budget and my body. It was a small step, but it sparked something, and it was the spark I needed to start doing the right thing in other areas of my life.

The principles that Laptop Lunches represent - healthfulness, economy, creativity, environmental consciousness - were my inspiration as I took a look at myself and asked, 'How can I be healthier, less wasteful, greener and more creative?' In short, really, how can I be a better, more mindful person?

Over the last few months there's been a ripple effect happening as I make more and more little changes, and some big ones. Of course I stumble a bit along the way but the cumulative effect is definite, and definitely positive. Like most people, I am very much a work in progress, but *progress* is the operative word! So I just want to say thanks for all the good work you do, and for inspiring me to be a better person each day than I was the day before.

   —A Very Satisfied Customer!
My daughter and I absolutely love love LOVE our Laptop Lunches and with the guide book as inspiration, we look forward to coming up with new things to take for lunch every day! My husband (who thought this was another "fad" of mine) is even asking to pack a lunch now! Can't wait to to purchase the thermos! Thanks again!

   —Dionne Ruff-Sloan, Augusta, GA
We just purchased your lunch container, and love it! The first thing my 3-year old said when she saw it was "Cool!" I have been looking through the book and am thrilled to see how much valuable, helpful information is packed in there! You have really done your research and have stated things clearly and in a positive manner. I especially enjoy the recipes and menu ideas. The waste reduction worksheet in the back is cool, too. Have you considered advertising the Laptop Lunch at schools and childcare centers?

Thanks! You've done great work!

   —Lisa Kaufman, Felton, CA
The Laptop Lunch is working out so well for my son that I want to get one for everyone in the family.

   —Nikelle Murphy, Brisbane, Australia
Just wanted to thank you for your awesome product and Web site. Lunch
is fun now. Our lunch for today consisted of organic corn chips to dip in organic refried black beans, organic strawberries, and organic whole grain brown basmati rice. My 5 year old is excited about lunch and says 'Mom, my lunch is gonna be good good good, really good! See how good that looks?!'

   —Jen Sugar and 5 year old Alani
My 7 year-old loves her alien themed Laptop Lunch container. Every day her father and I find new assortments of lunch creations. We make it a challenge to pack each container with a different color of healthy and fresh goodies. It’s become a daily Iron Chef Lunch Packing Challenge for us. Our daughter now loves discovering ‘What’s for Lunch?’ each day. Thanks for a great product!

   —The Gaither-Hillard Family, Oregonia, Ohio

Great Gift!

As a gift, I received two Laptop Lunches for my 7 and 8 year old boys. Being a working mom, and not quite sure how I could make it work, they sat in a closet for a couple of months. Like many other parents, I too have enjoyed the "packaged" foods for their convenience--you know, a string cheese, pudding cup, fruit chews, and a sandwich was typical. Faced with an abundance of leftovers and no time to go to the grocery store, I pulled out the Laptop Lunch containers. I filled them with cheese and crackers, apple sauce, cut up fruit, and a dessert.

When the kids came home, I asked casually, "How was your lunch?" Their response was more enthusiastic than I could ever remember when asked that question before. They not only ate all of their lunch, but were delighted when one teacher commented that she thought their containers were "cool." Since then, I haven't looked back. I know my kids are eating healthier and the paper waste is just my little part to help out the environment. And, I'm sure I'm spending less at the grocery store too. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

   —Monica Van Natta, Clovis, CA

Informative Newsletter

Your newsletter is the ultimate supplement to the product. My company creates marketing materials for customers and our favorite thing to do is to educate about how to use the products. Since we are in the business of using paper (sorry), we want to feel it is put to the best use. I absolutely love that you show pictures and give suggestions. Creating fun, healthy school lunches has been a challenge, but you and your product have restored my faith and enthusiasm!! You are FANTASTIC, thanks so much!

   —Renee Caron, Fairview, NC
Awesome newsletter!!!! Thank you!!! I am 25 years old and I LOVE MY LUNCH BOX AND PROUDLY ADMIT IT!!!!! All my co-workers love it too! It's the best purchase I've made in a long time. I'm a Weight Watchers leader and I plan on sharing it with my members too!

   —Jenn Gibson, Athens, OH
I love your newsletter, especially the link to Click on the images to see what's in the box and occasionally how the child liked it. Thanks again for sending out the newsletter every month--I really appreciate it.

   —Traci Knutzen, Mercer Island, WA

Outstanding Customer Service

I really love the lunchboxes, and now I'm an even bigger fan because of your excellent customer service. My daughter is in 7th grade, and she is apparently the unofficial 'Nutrition Referent' at her table - she says she's had to fuss at her friends who spend their lunch money on five packs of HoHos or three ice creams and a coffee. Makes me feel even better that I'm packing her an interesting lunch in a colorful container.

   —Eugenia Davis, Kent, OH
I just want to thank you for promptly replacing my damaged lunchbox. I was very disappointed at the time when I realized the outer box was damaged in transport. However, I found your customer service to be very courteous and responded to my needs in a professional manner. I just received the replacement box today and everything works perfectly. My 5-year-old son is looking forward to using it, and I am just happy that we finally found a lunch container that is free of toxins. Again, many thanks for your service and I will surely recommend your lunchbox to other parents I know.

   —Tricia O'Halloran, Cold Spring, NY

Fast, Reliable Shipping

It was a huge rapture for me when I received my Laptop Lunches this morning. I purchased The Laptop Lunch System for myself through direct email as I'm living at the other side of the world. Reliable, Very Fast Delivery, honest and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face when you receive the products. I feel like a kid again! The Laptop Lunch System has a very sleek design and is very compact. The system fits perfectly into my leather work bag. The food containers are very colourful and of very good durable material. I'd definitely come back again for more! Thank you very much Amy for your friendly and fast service.

   —Michelle Lee, Singapore
I just wanted you to know that I just got my order yesterday. Pretty quick! Thank you so much for the great service. I'm really pleased. I'm considering giving them as gifts to my friends with young children.

   —Pamela Tajmajer, Austin, TX
As much as I try to fight it, I am an inpatient person. It's usually exacerbated when I'm waiting on something exciting. You can imagine how I was feeling about the Lunch Date and spare inner containers that I ordered on Monday afternoon - I couldn't wait to get them and to start using them. In fact, this morning I was feeling cranky because I didn't have an appropriately sized container for pico de gallo for my celery sticks. I thought, 'If I had my Lunch Date this wouldn't be a problem anymore...'

Well yesterday, late in the afternoon, I received an email stating that my items had shipped. What exciting news! I wasn't going to have to be very patient at all! I told my coworker - who's using me as the guinea pig for these products - that I'd probably get the delivery next week, or maybe even on Friday.

You can imagine my surprise, then, when I got an email Wednesday afternoon saying that there was a package waiting for me at the front desk! I ran up and got it, took it back, and ceremoniously opened it in front of my coworker. She was as excited to see it as I was. And now I'm so pleased because I'm going to be able to bring my lunch tomorrow and Friday in my Lunch Date instead of my awkward lunch bag full of tupperware and Ziploc bags. Thank you for appeasing this impatient woman.

   —Charlotte Gibbs, Sacramento, CA